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Lebanon native, now based in New York City. Storyteller.

Award-winning composer/bandleader. Eclectic vocal style includes Middle Eastern, Balkan, Jazz and Mediterranean influences. Has shared the stage with the likes of Javier

Limon,the Assad Brothers and Bobby McFerrin. 

New project in the works.


The Christiane Karam Quintet (Christiane Karam,Voice, Compositions/Vadim Neselovskyi, Piano, Compositions/Naseem Alatrash, Cello/Peter Slavov, Bass/Keita Ogawa, Percussion). Their debut project, NAR, was released in January 2022 to rave reviews. Live dates and footage coming soon!



Thank you all for your support of NAR, new dates and live footage coming soon!

'When Christiane begins to sing, an overwhelming silence takes over the room; it is as though the public is compelled to dedicate their five senses to basking in the voice of this exceptional artist.'


                                                              -Nuria Medina, Casa Arabe



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